anna - Street artist Biodpi welcomes you to delve into ‘I am Anna Magnani’, a tribute to mark the 40th Anniversary of the Italian actress. Showing in her much loved city of Rome, this exhibition is open for four-days, at Casa del Cinema from 26-29 September. The exhibition was previously at the Lanificio di Roma.

Born in Rome, March 7 1908, Anna Magnani’s career and life was one dashed with highs and lows. From winning the Academy Award for Best Actress in 1955’s film ‘The Rose Tattoo’ to the coming to terms with the fact that her child Luca as crippled by polio, these highs and lows and the emotional relationships that Anna Magnani embarked upon were what fuelled the passionate, fiery and, often, explosive actress that she became loved for. [Read more →]

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Venticinque anni per un cult. Anniversario d’argento per “Die Hard”, festeggiato negli studios della 20th Century Fox con una cerimonia durante la quale è stato inaugurato un gigantesco murale dedicato al film e raffigurante John McClane, il poliziotto interpretato da Bruce Willis, presente alla cerimonia insieme al co-protagonista Jai Courtney che nel nuovo film “Die Hard – [Read more →]

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A view of the LACMA groundsHow do you lift a really heavy rock? First, you need an even heavier crane. Michael Heizer’s “Levitated Mass” — the 340-ton boulder that recently completed an 11-day trek across Southern California — will be lifted into place at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art using a 700-ton crane. [Read more →]

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"Double Elvis (Ferus)," left, and Andy WarholAndy Warhol would have another headline for his scrapbook. The prince of pop art’s portrait of Elvis Presley is set for the Sotheby’s auction block and is expected to fetch $30 million to $50 million.  “Double Elvis (Ferus Type),” which shows the King as a cowboy shooting from the hip, will be offered in New York on May 9 as part of a larger Sotheby’s auction of postwar and contemporary art. [Read more →]

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New York – da Adnkronos – Mike Kelley, uno degli artisti statunitensi piu’ influenti dell’ultimo quarto di secolo, icona di un’America pungente ed iconoclasta raffigurata con pelouche in stile horror o punk, e’ stato trovato morto nella sua casa di South Pasadena, vicino a Los Angeles, in California. Aveva 57 anni. [Read more →]

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Art review: Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor at Charlie James Gallery

for LosAngelesTime Christopher Knight – Seven large-scale assemblage sculptures by Elisabeth Higgins O’Connor merge the playful with the monstrous, such things not always being as separate and distinctive as one might assume. [Read more →]

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from – Spanish-born twins How & Nosm currently painted a massive mural in Los Angeles! As a part of the L.A. Freewalls project, the mural sticks out a mile and is probably one of the largest murals I’ve seen in the last month [Read more →]

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Da Barbara per “Artsblog ”

Gli influssi culturali di East Los Angeles amalgamati con le ispirazioni dell’illustrazione classica giapponese. Ci sono voluti due anni ma alla fine ecco il risultato, “Made in L.A.” è l’ultima fatica di Gajin Fujita, [Read more →]

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